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asterisk_2.pngDid you know that only 2% of sales close on the first contact? It's not until the after the 5th contact that 81% of sales occur. How many contacts do you make with a patient after they say "let me think about it"?

asterisk_2.pngHave you ever asked yourself, “Why are 65% of patients who drop out of my practice do so because they think I don't care?” If so, than what if there was an easy way to stay in touch with them every month and have those calling your office asking for dental services, which you haven't even mentioned to them before? 
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News and Events

Atoka's Grand Opening Reports
Custom Dental has launched another Grand Opening in, Atoka, Oklahoma. HOWEVER, the governor declared all Oklahoma counties in a STATE OF EMERGENCY.  Did they pull it off?


Purcell's Grand Opening

Custom Dental has Opened Another Dental Office in Purcell, Oklahoma...